How to reduce Stress (Cortisol hormone) in your life

  1. If your workplace is stressing you out, eliminating the problem at source is essential. I will be adding some destress tips to the webiste in due course. In the meantime, I recommend Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now. . 
  2. If you do wake in the early hours, some people say that this is the universe waking us up to give us advice, so instead of stressing out, we should listen to a YouTube video and meditate. I have tried this and it does work! Keep a notepad or note taking device by your bed

  3. Find your nearest Brahma Kumaris. If you live in or near Worthing, I highly recommend The Lighthouse Retreat. The link is below.
  4. Meditate – There are lots of excellent meditations on the Lighthouse Retreat website. I will be sharing some more in due course.
  5. Habits – creating healthy habits. 

Stress (Cortisol hormone)

Why is stress bad for our wombs, breasts and prostates?

Stress is really bad for us because our brains make more ccortisol which mimics oestrogen and excess oestrogen raises the risk of endometrial cancers which means that cortisol is a xenoestrogen. Cortisol naturally increases with age in both men and women.

Our workplace can also increase stress – whether it be because our working environment is uncomfortable, relationships with colleagues, or heavy workload. And because we spend on average of eight hours per day at work, that is a long time to be stressed.

We need to reduce xenoestrogens in our life which means we need to reduce stress levels. Easier said than done. 

When we are stressed, we tend to consume more alcohol and food that is bad for us because our thoughts take energy, which depletes energy used for making good habits. 

During the first lock down, I went on a Udemy course and learned to become a Reiki Master and I have been practicing on myself. The effects are amazing and I know I should do it every day. So why don’t I daily. 
Thank you Photo by Haley Phelps on Unsplash for the lovely, relaxing photograph.

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Vlog 26 – Blooming Wonderful Wombs - My Womb Story

It's been a while and I'm back! I hope you are all feeling wonderful. I took a break after reading Anita Moorjani's book, Dying to be me. In short, Anita cancer, slipped into a coma, then had a Near Death Experience (NDE), returned to her body and was cancer free within months. The doctors were astounded.

In her excellent book, Anita is certain that her cancer arose from a combination of fear of cancer and pleasing people. She tried many diets and consumed supplements to avoid cancer, then she still got cancer.

I learned through reading Anita's books and her quiz that I am an empath. This explains my desire to fix the world and probably why I have launched several charitable initiatives. As you know, the slogan for Blooming Wonderful Wombs is: Healthy Womb, Healthy Mind and Healthy Soul.

Thanks to Anita sharing her story, I have decided to focus on mental and spiritual health for the time being. Alongside reducing oestrogens to keep our bodies in balance, I'm positive this is a winning combination.

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