How many Xenoestrogens have you absorbed today?


How to reduce Cadmium in your body


  1. Filter your tap water! I use a Zero Water Filter. This filter comes with a water tester. I was surprised how polluted the water was in Worthing – it was 298 out of 500 before filtering it – and yes, the filter really does get it down to zero. BUT the filters only last for one month and the water tastes disgusting and is undrinkable once the filter is gone. Read more about my experience with Zero Water Filter here.
  2. Reduce consumption of prawns, crab meat, cereals, potatoes, liver, nuts, pulses, kidney – These foods are higher in cadmium. The European Commission says: “human exposure to cadmium have indicated an increased risk of cancer such as in the lung, endometrium, bladder, and breast.”
  3. Brazil nuts because they contain oodles of selenium which counteracts xenoestrogens and is said to be effective in reducing prostate and breast cancer

Cadmium and endometrial cancer

What is cadmium?

When my biopsy revealed that my endometrial thickening was being fed with excess oestrogen I researched this and found that xenoestrogens including cadmium mimicked real oestrogen and can cause hormonal havoc. Cadmium is a toxic metal found in the earth! It is round in fruit and vegetables (from the soil) and drinking water! that mimics estrogen in the body. 

Also smoking is a huge source of cadmium. It is also found in liver, kidneys and prawns.

As previously stated, I am not a doctor or a scientist, and have therefore listed the source links below my research so you can read for yourself.