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Womb-safe cosmetics

When I was young, I us used cold cream and witch hazel as my makeup routine. Then I got seduced by the beauty adverts.

Since my biopsy and sharing tips with the amazing community on Blooming Wonderful Wombs, I’ve completed switched products.

I’m now using: Orgranic sweet almond oil, organic rose water to cleanse and tone my face. And I sleep so much easier. The scent is amazing. How did I get so seduced? Those pesky marketers! Oh! I’m a marketer too. But I’m an ethical marketer.

• ewg.org


As you will see the names are very long and difficult to read! Basically I was trawling across lots of different websites and I have. have brought all the information together to make it easier to search for products. The above links are American so not all the UK products are listed. I hope to build a database of safe and unsafe cosmetics for us wonderful women to protect our wonderful wombs. 

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Vlog 26 – Blooming Wonderful Wombs - My Womb Story

It's been a while and I'm back! I hope you are all feeling wonderful. I took a break after reading Anita Moorjani's book, Dying to be me. In short, Anita ...got cancer, slipped into a coma, then had a Near Death Experience (NDE), returned to her body and was cancer free within months. The doctors were astounded.

In her excellent book, Anita is certain that her cancer arose from a combination of fear of cancer and pleasing people. She tried many diets and consumed supplements to avoid cancer, then she still got cancer.

I learned through reading Anita's books and her quiz that I am an empath. This explains my desire to fix the world and probably why I have launched several charitable initiatives. As you know, the slogan for Blooming Wonderful Wombs is: Healthy Womb, Healthy Mind and Healthy Soul.

Thanks to Anita sharing her story, I have decided to focus on mental and spiritual health for the time being. Alongside reducing oestrogens to keep our bodies in balance, I'm positive this is a winning combination.

This channel contains daily vlogs sharing my journey to return to a healthy womb!
Also, please see https://www.bloomingwombs.space

I'm on a #3monthchallenge to a #healthywomb #naturalhealth #banxenoestrogens #NHS #NHSheroes #female #wombstories #wombsintheworkplace
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