Yay I did it. Reduced the endometrial thickening by almost half within three months following the natural route.

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Uterine/Endometrium Oncology Patient reduces endometrium thickening from 6.34mm to 3.57mm within three months by cutting out meat and reducing xenoestrogens.

Yay I did it. Reduced the endometrial thickening by almost half within three months following the natural route.[/caption]PRESS RELEASE: Uterine/Endometrium Oncology Patient reduces endometrium thickening from 6.34mm to 3.57mm within three months by cutting out meat and reducing xenoestrogens.

I knew I was doing the right thing, despite my GP not approving. I made a vlog of my journey. In short, this is what happened!

Yesterday (Monday 19th October 2020): I have just returned from Worthing Hospital having had a repeat biopsy feeling happy and relieved. The scans today showed that my endometrial thickening had reduced by almost half – from 6.34mm to 3.57mm within three months. The evidence was staring my consultant right in the face and he was stunned beyond disbelief! I know you should never say, “I told you so”, but all the way along, I knew I was doing the right thing.

I’m not a doctor or medical expert. I am an oncology patient who decided to trust my instincts and test my theory of getting to the root of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms. I know we are all different and different medicines and treatments work differently for different people; however, I feel that my theory is common sense and I have proved it works.

June 2020: At 50, I was post-menopausal and after a year of no periods, I was worried when I suddenly started bleeding. I assumed the worst. So I visited the GP and within four days I was at Worthing Hospital having a uterine scan and biopsy. The scan revealed that I had a thickened endometrial lining and the biopsy revealed that I had excess oestrogen being fed to my womb. Left untreated, this was likely to turn cancerous – excess oestrogen is the cause of endometrial cancer (*1).  The consultant recommended the Mirena Coil to counteract the oestrogen straight away. I couldn’t help thinking that this was treating a symptom and I thought it would make more sense to investigate what was causing the excess oestrogen. Therefore, I requested more time to research before making my decision. Little did the consultant know I had two post graduate qualifications and research is my favourite hobby!

The main reason I decided not to opt for the Mirena Coil is that there have been many cases of intercranial hypertension(*2). I am prone to tension headaches and have spikes in high blood pressure and my gut feeling told me that I may be susceptible. However, more importantly, for the above reason, I wanted to reduce oestrogen intake and get to the root of the problem.

As I completed more research, I discovered more links to xenoestrogens which increase the risk of reproductive organ cancers – endometrium, breast and prostate cancers (*3).

The more I research, the more I knew I was doing the right thing. I found some disturbing shockers:

  • Cosmetics and skincare brands that claim to be pure, innocent and caring but contain xenoestrogens and carcinogenic ingredients according to org (*4) and endocrine disruption (*5). I created a womb-danger box which is nearly full with womb-danger skincare and cosmetic brands.
  • Many reports say that many herbal supplements have not been tested so may not be reliable – so why don’t the government test them? If they tested them, they could sell them in the resulted amounts and promote side effects more clearly.
  • Natural substances like talc and titanium dioxide are natural, but disrupt reproductive organs in zebra fish (*7) and are carcinogenic if breathed in (*8). Even if a powder is pressed, it still becomes loose when we apply it with brushes, and it is very close to our noses! Titanium Dioxide is the main ingredient in many brands of mineral cosmetics and supplements, and NHS drugs!
  • I was going to ask the consultant for Prometrium which is a bio identical progesterone. However, when I read the ingredients, Prometrium contains Titanium Dioxide (*9). Many traditional and alternative meds contain Titanium Dioxide if you look properly.
  • Stress causes a rush of cortisol which is a hormone disrupter, and can increase the risk of endometrial cancer (*10). It seems we are doomed with the amount of oestrogens surrounding us which is a stress trigger in itself.
  • I’m on a few endocrine cancer Facebook groups. It makes me so sad that daily I read cancer patients who have been diagnosed with stage 3 and 4 cancers and have never been made aware of the dangers of xenoestrogens and how to reduce them. Patients must of course continue their treatment but why don’t the NHS encourage lifestyle changes the ones like I have? As my scans have proved, they work.
  • Some brands of organic (*10) hummus contain glyphosate, Roundup weedkiller (EWG (*11))
  • Cadmium is a heavy metal which raises the risk of endometrium cancer (*12) and it is everywhere!
  • Try typing your cosmetics into EWG and EndocrineDisruption. It upsets me that so many brands are disguising dangerous ingredients and pretending to be pure and innocent and care about women. Some brands have proved that making womb friendly cosmetics is achievable, so why can’t the rest follow suit?
  • This is just a snippet of the shockers I found.

I chose to become a human ‘guinea pig’ to prove that getting to the root of the problem, in this case, reducing excess oestrogen, does work! At the very least, women could try some of this alongside their prescribed oncology prescribed meds. In a perfect world, cosmetic manufacturers would take more responsibility and not wait until laws come into place before they make womb safe products. It reminds of the plastic bags, where retailers didn’t make positive change for our planet until the law was changed.

What I have changed since the June biopsy results (in brief – there are more things):

  • I’ve been using bio identical natural progesterone cream. There are lots of warnings about this, but not as many as the Mirena Coil!
  • Purchased a water filter to reduce heavy metals like cadmium
  • Eat 7 organic brazil nuts a day to counteract the effect of cadmium and other xenoestrogen’s
  • I’ve gone organic where possible
  • Reduced plastic where possible – heat all food in glass or stainless steel
  • I’ve stopped eating meat
  • I’ve learned reiki during lock down and have been practicing self-reiki on a weekly basis
  • I have become more disciplined and regularly meditate once or twice a day
  • I use organic skincare and have swapped regular makeup remover for organic argon oil, and toner for rosewater
  • I’ve been using cosmetics that are safe on EWG.
  • I’ve been using supplements that contain broccoli and cauliflower extract which is said to reduce oestrogen in the body.


What I still do

  • Enjoy red wine – but drink organic
  • Enjoy fish when I eat out
  • Eat eggs occasionally (I’m intolerant to casein so eggs are now a treat)
  • Am still dairy and wheat free in the main
  • I still eat goats and sheeps cheese


Fab things I’ve discovered:

  • I’ve lost weight
  • I feel great
  • People say I look better (now I’m thinking I looked awful before)
  • I love the womb friendly brands
  • Loving everyone who believed in my journey
  • I trusted my instincts and knew that this journey would be worth it!


The downsides:

  • I can’t pinpoint which of my changes can take the credit for the reversal in oestrogen damage. I think it is the lifestyle change in general. It doesn’t matter though because I’m feeling good and the changes are not difficult. In fact I enjoy being creative with new recipes.
  • The research undertaken for this means I feel angry at the beauty industry for manipulating women to think they care and instead they are packing products with xenoestrogens.
  • According to EWG, Maybelline sells a happy number of womb friendly products. Maybelline is owned by L’Oreal, yet some of L’Oreeal products score badly. If Maybelline can make womb friendly cosmetics. Why can’t all beauty brands? Is money more important to them than customer health?
  • There is a lovely cosmetic brand in Oz called MG Naturals. Their products are totally organic and free of titanium dioxide and talc. But it costs me £20 each time I want to import a product. We need to get overseas courier charges lowered.
  • My friends and family thought I was high maintenance with my gluten and dairy free diet before June, but now I’m perceived as super-high maintenance with mainy plant-based! I suspect I might be single for the rest of my life!


Most of this is published on my vlog and I’m building a new website called BloomingWombs.space (still a lot to do) which is listing all the research tools and evidence. As I am not a medical expert, I have backed each statement up with a link to the scientific evidence so people can make their own decisions.


What I want to do next:

  • I’ve always wanted to start a PhD. I spoke to Professor Emma Crosbie at Manchester University who agreed this would be a great PhD subject but I need to find funding and 500 women who would agree to go on a journey like me.
  • So if you know any women who have been diagnosed with thickened endometrium, and want to reverse the damage (in conjunction with prescribed treatment), please contact me.
  • I want to stop all xenoestrogens in all skincare and cosmetics and food!
  • Until that happens, I want to campaign for brands to be more transparent in their labelling. If there are any xenoestrogens listed on EWG and endocrine disrupters in their ingredients, they can’t use pure, natural
  • Any loose powder cosmetic products made from titanium dioxide – must state the carcinogenic dangers when breathing it in. Even pressed powders are dangerous because when a brush hits pressed powder it turns to loose powder.
  • Many reports say that natural alternatives have not been medically tested or trialled, so they may not be reliable – so why don’t they test them? I they tested them, they could sell them in the resulted amounts and promote side effects more clearly
  • Prevention is better than cure. If we could persuade the NHS to believe in the changes I have made, then it will save them money long term.



Huge Thank you to:

  • Facebook Menopause Group ladies for recommending I see the GP after sudden bleeding
  • NHS for getting the original biopsy within four days of visiting GP and for allowing me to choose my own route.
  • To all the xenoestrogen and natural progesterone experts and checkers who have shared their research and search tools online, enriching my decision making and giving me confidence in my decision
  • All everyone who has supported me on my Blooming Wonderful Wombs Facebook Group and friends and family!