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Five foods high in phytoestrogens

As per usual, research reveals conflicting information on phytoestrogens. Trying to keep a sane mind during research is proving to be a challenge!

So it appears there are phytoestrogens that increase presence of estrogens, which is good if you are young and need to regulate your menstrual cycle and develop your breasts. But …. if you are like me and trying to balance your hormones to reduce excess oestrogens, then you need to phytoestrogens that will reduce or counteract them. So according to research, here are the best foods for us:

  • Soybeans and soy products
  • Limes
  • Berries
  • Dried apricots and other dried fruit
  • Cruciferous vegetables

Soy beans

I’ve found organic soybeans! I tend to soak and boil enough for 2-3 days. Soybeans taste much nicer when fresh and warm – straight out the saucepan. I’ve noticed that the water really stinks when you’ve soaked them. I always over-soak rather than under-soak. The water turns a little brown and you get a foam on top. Once soaked, I rinse very well and if I have enough time, just give them an extra soak in clean water. Since I’ve invested in a Zero water filter, I wash my veg in this water to avoid consuming xenoestrogens I don’t need. I really wish I had purchased the 23 cup water filter because currently I seem to spend my life refilling the zero water jug. Seriously the 12 cup zero water filter will drive you loopy – and remember Blooming Wombs is all about keeping a healthy mind and soul, apart from a healthy womb!


OMG! I love limes. I remember I used to hate green sweets and always went for the red or black. How about you? Now Lime is my absolute favourite. I use lime oil in my diffuser, I love lime soap – I buy the lime soap with zero packaging from Larder in Worthing.


My blog journey

My vlog journey

Vlog 26 – Blooming Wonderful Wombs - My Womb Story

It's been a while and I'm back! I hope you are all feeling wonderful. I took a break after reading Anita Moorjani's book, Dying to be me. In short, Anita cancer, slipped into a coma, then had a Near Death Experience (NDE), returned to her body and was cancer free within months. The doctors were astounded.

In her excellent book, Anita is certain that her cancer arose from a combination of fear of cancer and pleasing people. She tried many diets and consumed supplements to avoid cancer, then she still got cancer.

I learned through reading Anita's books and her quiz that I am an empath. This explains my desire to fix the world and probably why I have launched several charitable initiatives. As you know, the slogan for Blooming Wonderful Wombs is: Healthy Womb, Healthy Mind and Healthy Soul.

Thanks to Anita sharing her story, I have decided to focus on mental and spiritual health for the time being. Alongside reducing oestrogens to keep our bodies in balance, I'm positive this is a winning combination.

This channel contains daily vlogs sharing my journey to return to a healthy womb!
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