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Healthy mind, healthy soul

Since my biopsy in June 2020, I have worked very heard not to be too stressed or emotional! Mainly because I found out that stress significantly raises the risk of endometrial cancer. I have been attending Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga sessions since 2018 which has helped me peel back the layers of self-doubt and negative self-talk. I also learned Reiki during lockdown and have become a Reiki Master, which has helped tremendously too.

On this page, I share some of my favourite resources which help me connect with positive thoughts, which I know gave me the drive to give myself the strength to set myself the three-month challenge to reverse the damage to my womb.

Brahma Kumaris Worthing - Raja Yoga helps me maintain a peaceful soul

Brahma Kumaris, the Lighthouse Centre

Brahma Kumaris (BK) Worthing Centre is called The Lighthouse. I first visited BK in Worthing to listen to a Sunday talk. Inspirational talks take place most Sundays between 2.30pm-4pm and after a few talks, I tried a few informal meditation evenings. They run many courses including Raja Yoga which helps me maintain a peaceful soul, even when the going gets tough. Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is global, so if you are not near Worthing, use this link to find your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre. I can’t recommend them high enough, and I know that regular mediation has helped me achieve my three month challenge.

Anthony Strano - A Time for Healing - Brahma Kumaris

Anthony Strano meditations

I was introduced to Anthony Strano by Brahma Kumaris, Lighthouse in Worthing. On my first visit, after hearing a BK meditation for the first time,  I asked for a meditation CD. “A Time for Healing” by Anthony Strano was recommended. Here is a link to “Letting Go of Fear” which is one many excellent meditations.

Why positive thinking doesn't work

Anthony Strano meditations

This Why positive thinking doesn’t work is the best analogy I’ve seen for positive thinking! If you only meditate once a year, it won’t work. We have years of negative thoughts to shift, so we need to keep diluting negative thoughts with positive thoughts. So when my mind is clouded with a negative thought, I switch it with a positive thought. Thanks to Brahma Kumaris Worthing, I am more observant of my thoughts and catch negativity in its tracks before it spirals out of control and brings me down. 

My blog journey

My vlog journey

Vlog 26 – Blooming Wonderful Wombs - My Womb Story

It's been a while and I'm back! I hope you are all feeling wonderful. I took a break after reading Anita Moorjani's book, Dying to be me. In short, Anita cancer, slipped into a coma, then had a Near Death Experience (NDE), returned to her body and was cancer free within months. The doctors were astounded.

In her excellent book, Anita is certain that her cancer arose from a combination of fear of cancer and pleasing people. She tried many diets and consumed supplements to avoid cancer, then she still got cancer.

I learned through reading Anita's books and her quiz that I am an empath. This explains my desire to fix the world and probably why I have launched several charitable initiatives. As you know, the slogan for Blooming Wonderful Wombs is: Healthy Womb, Healthy Mind and Healthy Soul.

Thanks to Anita sharing her story, I have decided to focus on mental and spiritual health for the time being. Alongside reducing oestrogens to keep our bodies in balance, I'm positive this is a winning combination.

This channel contains daily vlogs sharing my journey to return to a healthy womb!
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