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Some potatoes and cereal contain cadmium

Brands should be more transparent in their food and cosmetic labelling. I have been reading the ingredients carefully for over ten years, since blood tests revealed I was intolerant to dairy and gluten. However, since starting on my journey to reverse the damage caused to my womb, I have changed my foods and skincare routine to avoid xenoestrogens where possible. However, some oestrogens are harder to avoid, like Cadmium.

Packaging should state if vegetables contain cadmium

Cadmium is a heavy, toxic metal in the soil and it is found in vegetables, pulses, meats and chocolates. Now I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I wonder how the cadmium gets inside vegetables? I can only assume that this is because the vegetables are grown in soil rich in cadmium. There is a very good map by the British Geological Society where you can enter your postcode to see if your home sits on a high cadmium area. I would like see exactly where my vegetables are grown. If you buy a bag of carrots, are they all from the same farm? Is this farm on a high Cadmium area? Even if the carrots say, grown in Sussex. I know that in Worthing in Sussex, the British Geological Society Map says that there are high and low

Lack of transparency on skincare and food ingredients

I have become increasingly frustrated about the lack of transparency on labels in food and cosmetics we are buying. Often labels give the impression that they are pure and innocent when the list of ingredients anything but pure and innocent.

I have been keeping a womb danger box to place products that fail the hormone health check list. The danger box is getting fuller by the minute.

Of course, hormone disruptors not only increase the risk of endometrial cancer, they also increase the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

My mission now is to research campaigns that have already been launched because I don’t want to repeat work that others have started. So if you know of any campaigns, then do share them with me by contacting me at

Why I want three new laws: More transparency in food labelling and cosmetic labelling 

Ingredients’ lists are often illegible. I often have to scan the ingredients in using my phone and increase the size for normal humans. The text is often 5pt or less. My background is graphic design and in the past when I have been asked to increase the text size, I have worried about the impact this will have upon my stunning creative design! Now I’m the person who has to read ingredients.

  1. LAW 1: Food labelling – Foods or Cosmetics should not be able to use the word PURE if it contains any xenoestrogens which have hormone disruptors listed on EndocrineDisruption.org. There should a clearly promoted website URL in at least 11pt directing customers to a list of ingredients we can more easily check.
  2. Exact growing locations: Farmers / retailers  should state the exact area where vegetables are grown with a map reference, so customers can make more informed decisions as to whether they are grown in high cadmium, lead or arsenic areas.
  3. Water quality: Water companies should be more transparent about water readings. There should be a system where customers can measure their water and publish results.